The Align & Scale Bundle is packed full of pre-recorded videos and a detailed workbook designed to help new entrepreneurs grow their business. From web design to business mindset to selling with the confidence you'll get so much value packed into this one bundle. For women by women, we're helping you connect with your brand, gain new clients and scale-up. Whether you're new to business or looking to expand, the Align & Scale Bundle is the place for you!

Plus, you get exclusive access into our Facebook community where you can interact with the speakers, fellow A&S entrepreneurs and join us for virtual happy hour sessions!

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Learn the key ways to find ideal clients, get noticed by them and work toward converting them to a client or network!

Finding, Connecting, & Converting your Ideal Clients on Instagram

Madalynne Carattini

Being pushy or convincing on the phone doesn’t have to be the way you sell your services. Learn how to close sales with ease and confidence in this talk so you can close more sales!

How to close sales without convincing


Tatum Brandt

How to design your website to reach your goals

Learn about how to design your website to reach your goals, what website platform is best for your business, and how to increase conversion rates with your website.


Planning for Success

Every successful business starts off with a solid foundation. Together we will create a solid plan of action for your business so that you can let go of the overwhelm and focus on activities that help move the needle forward.

Dama Jue

Why Pinterest is the Secret Weapon your Business Needs

Learn how to use Pinterest in your business. From attracting clients to your evergreen content, getting in front of new leads, and growing your email list. You can do all this, and more, while on autopilot with Pinterest.

Shannon Wells

The Power of Positioning - How to stand out and thrive in an oversaturated market.

Teaching you how to stand out, make a big impact and create five-figure months using the power of positioning. Learn how to thrive in an oversaturated market.

The Mindset Behind Showing Up Online

We’ll cover why consistent online visibility is the number one strategy business owners today employ to build audiences of buyers instead of lookers, the three reasons entrepreneurs get hung up and kill their visibility and how to overcome them, and how to set up a system that works for you and your life.

Britney Gardner

How to AVOID robotic copy!

This talk will teach you how to seamlessly infuse storytelling into your copy without sounding robotic. We'll go over the Hero's journey, the BFD formula, word cutting tips and many more copy methods to help you boost sales.

Kristen Ladas

Jenna Gilmore

Mindset is Everything - The Mindset Needed to Hit Your Goals

The thing standing in between you and your goals isn’t another strategy - it’s who you are being. Change your mindset and you change the game. Learn how to close the gap from where you are to where you want to be.


Join Izzy and our panellists to chat all about the struggles and successes our experts have gone through to create the brands they run today.


Steph Wharton Dama Jue

Kristen Ladas Clare Cui

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Align & Scale Bundle

Exclusive Offer!

All those who register for the bundle during pre-sale (before launch) will get entered to win a 60-min coaching intensive with Izzy Estabrook

The bundle goes live July 22nd


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